Hurricane Insurance Attorney Boca

Hurricane Insurance Attorney Boca

Hurricane Insurance Attorney FAQs

What Should I Know Before I File an Insurance Claim?

The insurance company wants to make money, so they will often try to reduce your claim or deny it outright. Before you file a claim, review your insurance policy to be sure you understand the coverage. Take photos of the damage and don’t attempt cleanup until you first make sure that you file a claim. It is helpful to discuss the matter with an experienced hurricane insurance attorney in Boca before you begin the process. This can ensure that you will get the most money possible.

How Much Money Can I Expect from A Hurricane Insurance Claim?

The amount of compensation you should expect depends on the damages you suffered as a result of the storm. The most common types of damages include wind damage and flood damage. In many instances, you require a special policy rider to insure your structure against these issues. Review your insurance policy and determine whether the damage should be covered. Keep in mind that insurance policies can be complicated and the insurance company will try to minimize the payout. A Boca property damage lawyer will guide you through the process to make it simple and stress-free.

How can a Hurricane Insurance Attorney Help?

The insurance company will typically give you a standard amount of money for your damages following a natural disaster such as a storm or hurricane. Representatives may be authorized to provide more or they can seek approval for additional amounts. However, in many cases, the homeowner simply agrees to the payment and therefore possibly loses out on thousands of additional dollars they are owed. A hurricane insurance attorney in Boca is skilled in negotiating with insurance companies and will work on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

How Soon Should I Call a Hurricane Insurance Attorney in Boca?

Insurance claims can be complex and you don’t want to do anything that could reduce the amount of money they pay after storm damage. There could be some issues that prevent you from receiving the maximum amount you are owed. Usually, it is best to contact a storm insurance claim lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Your lawyer will help you review your policy and work with you and on your behalf to file a claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

Hurricane and storm damage can occur in an instant. Unfortunately, your insurance company may not want to pay you the correct amount of money. Don’t accept the first offer from the insurance representative. While you may be in need of funds, you could end up with less than you should for your losses. A hurricane insurance attorney in Boca can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us to request a free consultation to receive no-cost legal advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you have a strong case, we will represent you without collecting a fee until you win.

Hurricane Insurance Attorney Boca