Slip And Fall Attorney Immokalee

Slip And Fall Attorney Immokalee

Robert Trilling at Your Injury Law Group is a reputed lawyer with impeccable trial experience, unmatched communication and negotiation skills, and an excellent track record. Our slip and fall attorney in Immokalee possesses the highest level of legal training, thorough knowledge of the injury laws in Florida, and has an excellent track record.

What’s the statute of limitations for slip and fall in Florida?

You have up to four years from the incident date to file a slip and fall case against the property owner in Florida.

Does Florida follow the pure comparative negligence rule?

Florida follows the pure comparative negligence rule to determine the share of negligence for slip and fall cases that make it to the court. According to the comparative negligence law, the jury may reduce your damages to the extent of your fault. Consult with one of our accident attorneys in Immokalee to discuss your case’s prospects.

How to win my slip and fall case in Florida?

Hire one of the experienced Immokalee accident lawyers to investigate your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a solid case for you. They will also handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company and ensure that you receive the maximum settlement without taking your case to court. Be sure to hire the best injury law firm in Immokalee with lots of trial experience to ensure a favorable case outcome in case your claim goes to court.

How does comparative negligence work?

If your slip and fall case reaches trial and the jury finds the defendant negligent, it will also consider if the plaintiff shares some part of the fault. If the jury finds that the plaintiff is partly at fault, it will compare the negligence of both parties. For instance, if the jury concludes that the defendant is 80% at fault for the accident and the plaintiff 20% responsible, the victim may receive only 80% of the damages (100%-20%).

What constitutes an unsafe condition in a slip and fall case?

Some of the unsafe conditions in a property include accumulation of snow and ice, wet and slippery floors, badly damaged sidewalk, potholes, debris, etc. Speak to one of the top-rated personal injury lawyers in Immokalee to determine if you have a slip and fall case.

When can I sue the property owner for a slip and fall case?

If you’ve experienced a slip and fall accident due to unsafe conditions in a property that the owner is aware of, you could file a personal injury claim against the property owner. The law requires all property owners to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. Some of the unsafe conditions include debris, potholes, damaged sidewalk, slippery floors, etc.

When to hire an attorney for a slip and fall case?

You must hire a slip and fall attorney if you sustain severe injuries or suffer monetary losses higher than $3,000. Besides, if you are uncomfortable liaising with the insurance company or the defendant’s lawyer, hiring an accident injury attorney in Immokalee can help you recover reasonable compensation and prevent unnecessary delays in receiving a payout.

Your free consultation with the best slip and fall attorney in Immokalee is just a phone call away. Call 866-945-4768 to discuss the prospects of your case with our attorney, Robert Trilling. Your Injury Law Group is a critically acclaimed personal injury law firm in Florida with an unsurpassed success rate and track record. 

Slip And Fall Attorney Immokalee