Property Damage Lawyer Palm Beach

Property Damage Lawyer Palm Beach

Robert Trilling is a top-rated property damage lawyer in Palm Beach who he has helped his victims recover millions of dollars in settlement. Your Injury Law Group is a trusted and reliable law firm in Palm Beach with an excellent track record and a pristine success rate.

When should I hire a property damage attorney?

Regardless of how property damage occurs, fighting with the at-fault party for compensation can be the hardest part of the whole experience. Here are some instances when you must hire an accident injury attorney in Palm Beach:

  1. If the defendant owes you a specific level of care, but breach that duty, hiring an attorney may be pivotal to bring on a personal injury claim against the at-fault party.
  2. You need help to prove how the defendant’s actions have caused damages to your property.
  3. The defendant’s insurance company is not playing fair.
  4. You do not possess the legal knowledge or expertise to proceed with a personal injury claim on your own.
  5. You endure thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

Our Palm Beach accident lawyers have helped numerous homeowners seek justice and receive rightful compensation for their losses. Rated as the best injury law firm in Palm Beach, we specialize in property damage and personal injury cases.

What’s the property damage statute of limitations in Florida?

Florida allows claimants up to four years to file a property damage claim in civil court. The four-year deadline applies to all instances when you ask the court to award you financial compensation for property damage or destruction.

Cases including personal injury and property damage also have the same four-year filing deadline. Speak to an attorney to learn more about the amount of time you have left to file a property damage claim.

The benefits of hiring a property damage lawyer vs. dealing on your own?

Hiring one of our accident attorneys in Palm Beach increases your chances of winning a case and receiving hefty compensation for your losses. Here are some of the hiring a property damage lawyer vs. dealing on your own:

Benefits of hiring one of the top-rated personal injury lawyers in Palm Beach:

  1. An attorney will possess in-depth knowledge of the property damage laws in Florida and assist you in filing a lawsuit. They will create a legal strategy for your situation and educate you on what to expect in your litigation.
  2. They will assess your claim’s worth accurately and handle all negotiations with the insurance company.
  3. An attorney will protect your rights, level the playing field, and ensure that you receive reasonable compensation for your losses. The attorney will also advise you on whether to take your case to trial or accept a settlement.

Benefits of dealing with a property damage case on your own:

  1. You do not have to pay any fee to an attorney.

The merits of hiring an attorney outweigh dealing with it on your own. Contact us for a free consultation with Robert Trilling, the #1 property damage lawyer in Palm Beach. Call Your Injury Law Group at 866-945-4768 to learn more about attorney fees and our track record. We can help you recover the top compensation for your injuries and losses with our unmatched legal representation and negotiation skills.

Property Damage Lawyer Palm Beach