Bicycle Accident Lawyer Coral Springs

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Coral Springs

Your Injury Law Group is a leading law firm with the best bicycle accident lawyer in Coral Springs, Robert A. Trilling. We specialize in extensive auto accident injuries, slip and fall cases, premises and product liability, and workplace injuries.

What is the Florida bicycle accident law?

A bicycle rider without auto insurance can file a claim under the at-fault party’s auto insurance policy. Furthermore, the injured victim can recover from the liable driver’s property damage liability (PDL) benefits or other policy coverage.

The injured bicyclist must have suffered a severe injury like significant scarring, disfigurement, or loss of a bodily function to be able to file a claim against the at-fault driver. Speak to our top-rated personal injury lawyers in Coral Springs, FL, to learn more about your legal options after a bicycle crash.

What to do after a bicycle accident?

While bike accidents are scary to process, it is pivotal that you do not panic and wait for the police to reach the accident scene. Here are a few things that you should do immediately after a car accident:

Step 1 – Refrain from negotiating anything with the other driver. Wait for police to arrive and get your side of the story in the police report. Report all of your injuries, regardless of how minor they are.

Step 2 – Get the name of the automobile driver, contact information, the driver’s license number, and insurance information. If you spot any witnesses around the accident scene, get their names and contact information.

Step 3 – Make a written or mental note of the accident scene and seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Seeking medical attention can act as proof in your injury litigation and help you receive reasonable compensation for your injuries. Make sure to save relevant pictures of your injuries and start journaling your physical symptoms as and when you experience them.

Preserve all evidence and seek advice from one of the leading Coral Springs accident lawyers in the early stages of your injury. As the best injury law firm in Coral Springs, we have a team of experts negotiating the maximum compensation for bike accident victims from insurance companies.

Reasons to hire an attorney after a bicycle accident in Coral Springs

Collisions involving bikes and cars can trigger several legal issues. Our accident attorneys in Coral Springs possess several years of experience handling bike accident cases and advise you on how to proceed. They can negotiate with the insurance company and represent you in a lawsuit.

Besides, consulting an accident injury attorney in Coral Springs before communicating with the insurance companies can prevent you from divulging critical case details that can jeopardize your claim. Working with an attorney can help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries within a short period and minimize the stress and aggravation.

Entrust your injury case to us to garner the best outcome. Call us at 866-945-4768 to schedule a consultation with our bicycle accident lawyer in Coral Springs. Your Injury Law Group is a top personal injury attorney firm with a successful track record and countless positive reviews from past clients.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Coral Springs