Car Crash Injury Attorney Palm Beach

Car Crash Injury Attorney Palm Beach

Your Injury Law Group is a prestigious attorney firm in Florida with an exemplary track record and a high success rate. Our car crash injury attorney in Palm Beach, Robert Trilling, has helped numerous victims receive their rightful compensation with his unsurpassed legal representation.

What to do after a car accident?

Car accidents can be a terrifying experience, causing a great deal of anxiety, fear, and pain. Nevertheless, it is pivotal that you control your emotions and carry out the following steps to protect yourself:

Step 1: Don’t leave the scene

Exchange relevant contact information with the other driver and wait for the law enforcement officer to arrive. Check if anyone has injuries and call 911.

Step 2: Call the Police

Report the accident and request a police officer to arrive at the accident scene. Regardless of the accident’s magnitude, you need to call the police and get a report. If your accident is not serious and nobody has sustained any injuries, move the vehicles to the side of the road to allow free traffic flow.

Step 3: Obtain insurance information

Obtain the contact information and insurance details of the other drivers involved in the accident. To prevent loss of information, click several pictures of the accident scenes, the other driver’s insurance card, and their license. Make sure to get the personal information of all witnesses to your accident. Their testimony is pivotal to improve the odds of receiving a favorable case outcome.

Gather potential evidence from the accident scene and call an accident injury attorney in Palm Beach for professional guidance. Working with the best injury law firm in Palm Beach, Florida, can help you recover the maximum compensation for your monetary losses and injuries within a short period.

When to hire a car accident lawyer?

If you suffer severe injuries or incur damages of more than $3,000, you must hire one of our top Palm Beach accident lawyers. Besides, if the insurance adjuster is unfair to you, one of our astute accident attorneys in Palm Beach, FL, can assist you.

The earlier you hire an experienced attorney, the better the chances of recovering a reasonable compensation for your losses. An attorney can safeguard your rights and prevent you from making any costly mistakes.

What not to do after a car accident? 

Speak to one of the top-rated personal injury lawyers in Palm Beach before giving any statements to the insurance adjuster. Here’s what to avoid after an accident:

  • Don’t leave the accident scene, or you could risk a hit-and-run charge.
  • Do not provide medical assistance to the injured people beyond your training.
  • Choosing not to meet with a doctor is one of the gravest mistakes you can commit after an accident. Regardless of how minor your injuries are, be sure to consult a medical provider immediately after your accident.

Call us at 866-945-4768 to schedule a consultation with our car crash injury attorney in Palm Beach. Your Injury Law Group is a reputed attorney firm for personal injury cases. We have made a life-changing difference in the lives of accident victims with our unmatched legal representation and negotiation skills. Contact us now to improve the outcome of your injury claim!

Car Crash Injury Attorney Palm Beach